samedi 18 février 2017

My Homemade Intelligent Mirror

Let me introduce you my homemade Intelligent Mirror: 

I put it in my Bathroom, to get fast and easily all the informations I need when I get myself ready in the morning.
In a working day, spending time on your smartphone, watching the news, the weather, Facebook and your mail is actually is a big waste of time, especially when you have to hurry up.

With this Mirror, I can get the radio, the weather, my schedule of the day, the titles of the news,
and my Home Automation pannel. I can see how many doors or windows are opened, and how is the traffic in my way to work.

1) Basically, It is a regular mirror, on which I have stuck a two-ways mirrors film on the top, and a black piece of paper on the bottom. 
2) Then I put this on a wooden frame, cut two squares on the black paper, at the dimension of your tablets.
3) Place the tablets, and insert some tools to fix them against the mirror.
4)  Plug your power supply
5) Connect your z-wave module 
6) Configure tasker on your tablets : Create a scene to switch on the module when battery is low, and switch it off when battery is charged.
7) Configure Secure Settings and  Motion Detector, to turn on the screen when the camera detects a motion
8) Enjoy !

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