jeudi 16 février 2017

My 10 reasons to start your own Home Automation

Hello everybody!

Today I'm gonna show you my 10 reasons to start your own Home Automation:

1) Easy
Today it is easy to set up your Home Automation by yourself.
I will tell you about this perfect open source French product called Jeedom.

2) Price
Some prodcuts are really cheap and perfect to get started, I will show soon how to get started for only 150 euros.

3) Integration of the sensors
You can now find everything you need wireless. So no more cable problems !
If you own your own home or not, it does not make any difference any more. This is more convenient.

4) WAF (Wife Approval Factor) and waw effect
 Everything is connected, your house guess your needs or just do it in one touch on your phone or tablet, or simply asking. It is impressive to see the lights getting turned off automatically after pushing play on your TV. Make you friend jealous!

 5) Remote access
Thanks to your Home Automation, you will be able to receive notifications from your house, about people there, the temperature, humidity, have a look at your home from the outside, etc. You will be able to control it from your smartphone !

6) Security
As I said,  you will be able to manage from the outside a homemade alarm, see your home in real time, get notifications, know who is at home (even your pets).
If you are on holidays, your house could pretend that your're home by turning on the light, play some music etc.

7) Comfort
You'll see, one day at a time, you will get more and more addict to the new comfort inside your Home.
For example, with one single switch button, you can turn off your TV, your DVD player and the lights to go to sleep, or program it to start automatically at a specific time.
You also should be able to create a multi-room to play different music in the same time in each room of your Home !

8) Move with the times
Don't wait for the evolution of Technology, live with it!
Your home will be in constant evolution, for all your family's pleasure! To add a sensor will be easy and fast.

9) Save money and Energy
Be aware of your consommation, and save money by turning everything off when you are away.

10) Home Automation : Already a Must-Have

The Home Automation and IoT (Internet of Things) is an evolutive market, in a few years everybody will have its own Home Automation. It will be a standard.

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