vendredi 10 mars 2017

Interaction with temperature/humidity sensor

When you are away from home, and your scenes didn't alert you yet, but you are wondering about the state of your rooms, this interaction could be very useful:

The first line is the title: Temperature/Humidity
The "demande" line is what you could ask to your Home: #command# [in the|at the] #object#
Synonym: living room=kitchen,salon,living room,living-room|temperature=What is the temperature, How is the temperature,give me the temperature
Answer: It is #valeur# #unity# in the #object#.

Here is an exemple on this context, with the slack messaging application:
(it is working with email, pushbullet, whatsapp, or whatever you want so long as it is set up on Jeedom). I am also using this with my Voice Recognition (Jarvis) =)

Please leave me your comments ;)
See you soon!

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