vendredi 3 mars 2017

Scene with Xiaomi Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Hello guys!

For a few months I've been living in Dublin, and I noticed that the weather was ... a little wet.
At home, my different rooms also get wet sometime.

But not anymore!

That is why I've created a scene to notify me in case of a moisture content exceeding 75 percent.
Thanks to that we can open windows, Jeedom is able to activate the ventilation of the bathroom, etc.

Here is the scene:

The "Trigger" (in French "Declencheur") is the device(s) which is actually able to start this scene.
In our case, those are my Xiaomi Temperature/Humidity Sensor located in each room.

Then, some If/Then/Else condition. If the moisture content exceeds 75 percent on a room, it will notify us (on the TV if I am watching it, and on my tablet/smartphones).

Please click on the picture to see it bigger and better.

#[Bathroom][Bathroom Sensor][humidity]# > 75

    #[Communication][Slack][Envoi Message]#
       (#[Network][Kodi Jarvis][Statut]# == 1) AND ((#[Bedroom][Kodi Dublin][Status]# == "Pause")  OR (#[Bedroom][Kodi Dublin][Status]# == "Vidéo") OR (#[Bedroom][Kodi Dublin][Status]# == "vidéo"))
             #[Bedroom][Kodi Dublin][Notifications]#

FYI, this sensors are really cheap and efficient!! You will find them on Gearbest around 3 or 5 euros.

I hope it will give you some understanding and great ideas, feel free to comment, or ask me for more details!

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