jeudi 2 mars 2017

Step 2 : Configuration of Jeedom, first plugins

Jeedom is finally set up ! Woaw, it looks.... Empty !

The very first step is setting your "objects". It could be the rooms, the kind of technlogies you will use, whatever you want.

Here is an example of my personal objects:

I've preferred to separate my communication devices, because as you can see, Jeedom is able to inform you in many ways:


Let's get your first plugin, called "Network":
Go to the Plugins pannel, plugins management, then Market Jeedom, and search for Network!

Here is an example of some devices included into the Network Plugin, which allows you to ping them, and eventually alert in case of Ping KO (the box can't reach the IP anymore)

Here is an example of a NUC server, on which I installed Kodi and Jarvis (S.A.R.A.H framework). If you add the IP, the Mac adress, and the broadcast IP, you would be able to do wake-on-lan (remotely turning on your computer).

Then, with a few scenes, we will learn how to check if there's a presence at home thanks to the IP of your smartphones, and start the automation!
- The lights turned on depending of the brightness of the room
- The TV or hifi, or server turned on automatically
- And why not turning on the coffee maker in the morning?

Some other tutorials are coming up =)

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