jeudi 16 mars 2017

What to do when I get back home (Presence on IP)

Hi all!
Hope you're keeping great.

Today, I'm gonna share with you the different things that happens when I get home.
I think it is useful to get all the information from your Home Automation as soon as you open the door.

1) The name, when and how to use this 

I suppose you're familiar with this now. So the mode of this scene is executed by the trigger.
Basically, it'll be the IP of my smartphone, connecting to the WiFi, but it could be a bluetooth device, a button to push, or a NFC tag. In my opinion, I like the fact that my home knows what to do by itself, without doing anything.

In this case, it is possible thanks to to the plugin Networks, if you don't know it yet, please have a look on my previous post HERE.

2) The actions when I am Home/Away (just an example)

At first, everybody get a push notification "Cedric is Home".
Then, I get a full report of my house, the Temperature/Humidity of each rooms, etc.
Then, two variables have been created, specifically for Kodi, if my TV is on (if someone is at home, he will know I'm here as well)

Finally, I start my Home "Notification Scene", which decides if it is useful to send notification on Kodi, or let jarvis speak (if it is late, and some people are sleeping, jarvis must be on mute!!)

3) Full report of my House

As I said earlier, I get a full report of my house, the Temperature/Humidity of each rooms, etc.
I can get it on push notification, or Jarvis could just tell me, depending on the mode of the House (if it is late, I prefer it to be quiet).

Please do not hesitate to leave your feedback =)

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